ImmigrationBiz is dedicated to helping foreign business owners, investors and entrepreneurs expand to the U.S. market by setting up a new company, opening an affiliate or buying an existing business. ImmigrationBiz delivers the best and most innovative solutions to our clients. We practice all aspects of U.S. immigration and corporate law, with a special focus on business-related and investment issues.

  • We approached ImmigrationBiz 2,5 years ago and Miss Marieta has been very helpful since. We had several Investor E-2 Visas prepared and filed by ImmigrationBiz that were all successfully approved. Additionally, we have sent intra-company transferee on E-2 essential employee Visa and the process was successful as well. The overall experience with ImmigrationBiz has been excellent. We continue our business relationship as other visa issues may arise.  

    Peter R.
    Peter R. CEO, 2N USA LLC
  • Trying to figure out American immigration laws is like entering the world of The Trial by Franz Kafka. It's a world of complexities and perplexities that make you feel lost like K, the main character of the book. I am grateful for Marieta, the founder of ImmigrationBiz, for guiding me through this bureaucratic maze with her soothing advice and prompt responses to all my questions. Had Franz met Marieta and ImmigrationBiz team, he wouldn't have written this book. Therefore, I am super grateful.

    Dimitrious M.
    Dimitrious M.Journalist, New York
  • It all seemed to be very complicated and since I’ve had some negative visa experiences in the past (different countries than US), I was worried that without mental preparation I won’t be able to answer sneaking questions at the US Embassy. We had some Skype conversations and several email exchanges where ImmigrationBiz assessed my case perfectly and helped throughout the whole process to prevent any mistakes.

    Peter P.
    Peter P.Entrepreneur, San Francisco
  • Three weeks after my first contact with immigration Biz, I had the Business Visa in my passport and a plane ticket in my hand.

    Victoria B.
    Victoria B.Communication and Information Manager

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