E-2 Investor Visa vs. EB-5 Green Card via Investment?

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Difference between EB5 and E2 Investor Visa.

There are two types of investor visas that are oftentimes mistaken. First, E-2 Investor Visas are non-immigrant visas that allows the investor to manage his business from the United States. He must prove that the investment is ACTIVE and REAL. The total amount of investment must be “substantial” that is anywhere from $50,000 and up. E-2 Visa are suitable visa for foreign entrepreneurs who are coming to the U.S. either to start or to buy an existing business. For example, it’s a great visa solution for service providers such as restaurant business owners, accounting firms or travel agencies, etc. In general, any kind of goods or services offering in the U.S. fall under this category. Don’t confuse this visa with E-1 visa. E-1 Trader visa are only suitable for international trade of goods and services. E-2 visa are valid for 2 years and can be extended as long as the business is viable.

EB-5 Visa are commonly referred to as a Green Card via Investment and it is an immigrant visa option. The investor must invest or be in the process of investing of $1 million or $500K into targeted or rural areas. Usually investors have to invest into a new commercial enterprise and employ 10 full time employees within next 2 years in order to remove the condition from his green card. Commercial enterprise means that he must invest into a commercial business and therefore a passive investment into real estate property won’t suffice. EB-5 green card is a perfect solution for investors interested in various development projects in the United States.

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