How to Get EB2 Green Card via Employment?

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Getting a Green Card via employment under the second preference is commonly known as EB-2 Green Card Category. To qualify, you must be a professional in your field and a holder of an advanced degree attained in the U.S. or must hold a foreign equivalent. In addition, you also must possess an exceptional ability.

EB2 Green Card via Employment.

There are three main sub-categories under which you can qualify for EB-2 Green Card. The first sub-category is the advanced degree. The position requires advanced degree holders or persons who are in possession of an equivalent level of education such as a bachelor degree coupled with 5 years of progressive work experience. This must be supported by the relevant documentation like official academic transcripts as well as letters from former and current employers.

The second sub-category under which you may qualify is the exceptional ability that requires you to show exceptional ability in arts, sciences or even in business where exceptional ability refers to having a degree of expertise that is above the regular degrees in the three fields. Further, you must satisfy other criteria mentioned below.

National Interest Waiver.

The third sub-category is the national interest waiver where applicants file a request to have the labor certification waived. The jobs that may be considered under this category are not defined but this is currently awarded to those applicants whose employment would benefit the U.S. Unlike the other two categories, applicants do not need to be sponsored by an employer.

The other criteria that applicants in the second and third sub-categories must fulfil include having official academic record supporting your degree, certificate or diploma, letters supporting at least 10 years of working experience and a license or certification for a specific occupation. You also need to demonstrate membership in professional association, evidence that you command a salary of exceptional ability, recognition of achievements and contributions to the industry among other comparable evidence of eligibility. Applicants who meet these eligibility criteria will need to get their employers to file form I-140.

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