How to get L1B Visa for Intra-company transferees?

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How to apply for L1B Work Visa?

The success of any business is in the workforce. Therefore, any business that is extended to any country has to have some workers transferred to enable the rapid growth of the business. The workers that should be transferred are those who will play vital roles in the expansion of the new business.

L1B visa allows transferring intra-company transferee with specialized knowledge to the U.S. for specified duties. As long as any company meets the requirements, it will be eligible. This is why many companies that are informed about this take advantage of it to expand their small businesses. Essential employee must be employed by the parent company for at least 1 year prior to the transfer. This implies that it should be the parent company, branch, affiliate or subsidiary. The company must be one that currently does business in the U.S.

The following processes are required:

–        Firstly, the employer who wants to transfer any employee has to fill form I-129, (petition for a non-immigrant worker)

–        He will have to pay a fee on behalf of the employee.

Once the petition is approved by the USCIS, applicant may schedule and interview at the U.S. Consulate in his home country. All he needs to prepare is the following:

–        I-129 Petition Approval

–        Passport

–        Pay Visa Fee

–        Passport Photograph

–        DS 160 Form Online

–        Schedule an Interview

–        Bring Additional Supporting Evidence (Resume, Payroll summary, Bank Statements, Articles of Incorporation, etc.)

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    Practical piece . I was enlightened by the analysis , Does someone know where my company could possibly locate a sample 2005 USCIS Form I-129 copy to fill in ?

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