E2 Visa: Buy an Existing Business or Start a New One?

What Should You Know when Starting a New Business in order to Get E-2 Visa? It is definitely possible to get the E-2 visa by creating a new business, however, the process will be a bit more [...]


Where to Incorporate?

Each U.S. state has different taxation and corporate laws. Therefore, you need to consider all pro and cons when starting a new business in the U.S. Since non-U.S. citizens are welcome to start [...]


How to Get E-2 Visa – episode 1

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How to Get EB-1 Green Card for Managers and Executives?

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Comprehensive Look at the Green Card via Investment.

For employees or professionals, the most appropriate visa is either the L1 or H1B, but for investors living in other countries, the EB-5 green card is definitely the most suitable.  An EB-5 green [...]


What Are The Requirements for L1-A Manager Visa?

Main Requirements of L1A Manager Visa. An L1-A Visa is made for both managers and executives of multinational companies. It is important to note that the L1-A visa is a dual intent visa, unlike [...]