Should I Change Visa Status in the U.S. or at U.S. Consulate?

E-2 Visa is non-immigrant visa that allows foreign individuals to enter and work in the United States that is based on the applicant’s investment that he/she will be managing in the U.S. Here is [...]


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E-2 Treaty Investor Visa: Q&A

E-2 visas are temporary work visas for business investors and their employees who come to the U.S. to invest substantial capital. Here are some questions which are mostly asked by our clients. 1. [...]


How to Apply for E-2 Investor Visa Using Real Estate Investment?

Active Real Estate Investment. E-2 visa service was initiated by the government for encouraging foreign investments. E-2 investors visa is beneficial because there is no need to obtain the [...]


Essential Employee vs. Manager Qualifying for E-2 Visa?

Investors applying for E-2 Investor Visas can bring their employees to the U.S. if the requirements for “Essential Employee” or “Executive/Supervisor” are met. We need to [...]