Advantage of B1 Visa/ B2 Visa

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Advantage of B1 Visa/ B2 Visa

The B visitor’s visa is perfect for individuals trying to enter the U.S. for business or pleasure. The B-1 (business) and B-2 (pleasure) visa programs are not as complicated as they may seem. In fact it is the perfect way for anyone with the means to enter the U.S. without any problems whatsoever. The application process is quite simple and straightforward. That being said, here are a few key advantages of the B-1/2 visa to keep in mind to ensure you are making the right choice after all.

Other Possibilities to Consider

One of the best things about acquiring a B visa is the fact that once you enter the U.S. you have the ability to visit Mexico or Canada for at least 30 days. However, you have to return back to the U.S. within the allotted amount of time. The period granted is mostly specified on your I-94 form, which is handed to you when you enter the U.S.

Those Ineligible May Qualify For the B Visa

Unlike other visas, the B visa program as mentioned earlier is straightforward. This gives people the ability to increase their chances to enter the U.S. without any hassles. There are instances where an individual is ineligible for derivative status on other visas like the J-2, H-4 or the F-2.  This is usually the case with extended family members or elderly parents. However, such candidates may still qualify for a B-2 visa.

A Quick Short-term Business Related Solution

Many individuals plant to visit the U.S. for no more than a few months. It would make no sense to apply for a visa that exceeds your planned stay. The B-1 visa specifically gives individuals the opportunity to enter the U.S. to particularly engage in short-term business related activities like participating in seminars or conferences, speaking or lecturing, training and even independent research projects that do not benefit U.S. institutions at all.

Applying for an Extension of Stay is Simple

Most of the visa programs do not allow individuals to apply for an extension of stay. Keeping this in mind, you will come to realize that visa waiver programs like ESTA allow individuals to stay no more than 90 days in the U.S. Furthermore, such individuals cannot apply for an extension of stay and neither can they submit an application for a change of status. Eventually, individuals on visa waiver programs are required to exit the country once their stay is complete. But this is hardly the case with the B visa. What is really interesting is that you can easily apply for an extension of stay for six months and later apply for another six months by filing an I-539 form. Additionally, the B visa allows you to change your status as well.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, you will come to realize that the B-1/2 visa program is perfect for individuals looking for an easy solution to get into the U.S. without going through extensive and complicated procedures, which are to be expected of other visa programs. However, while filing the required documents you need to make sure you are not missing out anything and are precise with your dealings to better your chances for success.

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  • Jose

    I have an existing B1/B2 US Visa which is valid up to 2023.

    I would like to come again US for a Pleasure trip. So what are the things i have to be taken care of before entering to US again and what all the required necessities i have to fulfill before my journey.

    Hoping for your kind advice as per your convenience.

    Jose Mathew

  • Jasemin Ho

    Thank you for this very digestible article!

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