Business Plan Requirements for EB-5 Green Card

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Business Plan Requirements for EB-5 Visa

If you are an investor planning to apply for EB-5 Visa either as a direct investment $1M or by investing $500M into a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), or by investing in a Regional Center project it’s necessary to submit a business plan that is comprehensive and solid. Here are the Business Plan requirements:

  1. Description;
  2. Business Structure;
  3. Marketing Plan with market analysis;
  4. Competitive Analysis;
  5. Licenses and Permits;
  6. Timeline for hiring at least 10 direct jobs;
  7. 5 years financial projections.

Description of your business in the EB-5 Business Plan

  1. Description
  2. Purpose
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Future Plans

Marketing Plan for the EB-5 Business Plan

  1. Detailed Marketing Plan
  2. Target Market Analysis
  3. Definition of the Client Avatar and Market Analysis
  4. Marketing Budget

Executive Personal in EB-5 Business Plan

  1. Organizational Chart
  2. Executive Management
  3. Experience

Competitive Analysis

  1. Price
  2. Services
  3. Comparison to other competitors
  4. Estimation of success of other competitors
  5. Future predictions
  6. Other factors

Timeline for hiring Employees (10 jobs)

  1. 10 full-time permanent jobs must be created within 2,5 years
  2. US citizens, Residents only
  3. 35-40 hours per week / employee

Five Years Projections for EB-5 Business Plan

  1. Make sure to backup your projections through valid source;
  2. Use help of CPA and Economists;

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