Invest In More Than One Business And Get E2 Visa.

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Can I invest in more than one business and get E-2 Investor Visa?

Nationals of qualifying Treaty countries who have made a significant investment in the United States may qualify for E2 Treaty Investor status. There is no required amount of money or exact number of businesses that you should invest in. However, in order to qualify for the E2 visa, there are below stated requirements that your investment must satisfy:

1.   You must be coming to the U.S. to invest in a new or existing enterprise/s.

It means that it doesn’t matter what is the purpose of your investment, if it’s a new business or you are putting money into already existing enterprise, as long as it is substantial.

2.   Your investment must be in a bona fide enterprise and may not be marginal. 

Therefore, your business should be a real, active commercial or entrepreneurial undertaking which produces services or goods for profit. And moreover, you cannot invest only to provide income to cover your and your family’s expenses. Among others things, you should submitt a very good business plan to prove it.

3.   You must be in possession of the funds you will invest and the funds must be committed to your business/es.

You must demonstrate that the capital you invest is irrevocably committed to the enterprise and subject to partial or total loss in the event that the entity fails.

4.   You must be able to provide the source of your funding.

You must show a clear and legitimate path regarding the source of the capital you will be investing.

5.   You must be coming to the United States to develop and direct the enterprise/s.

It means that you have to own at least 50% of the entity or or by posses operational control through a managerial position or other corporate devices.

As you can see, you are certainly allowed to invest in more than one enterprise, but your investment should still satisfy all above mentioned requirements. You shall file only one application form, but with relevant documentation for each and every business that you would like to invest in. So for example, if you would like to put your capital into two businesses, you must submit one form but with the two sets of required documentation (two business plans, two lease agreements, etc.) The whole process can be overwhelming and time consuming, so contact ImmigrationBiz and let our professional team to help you.

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