Difference Between L1B and H1B work visa

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Difference between L-1B and H1B Work Visa

In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between L1 and H1B work visa.

For H1-B you need a U.S. degree or an equivalent. However, if you don’t hold a degree from the American university or collage, then your degree must be equivalent to the American degree. If you meet this requirement, the next requirement is to find the employer who is going to sponsor your H1B visa. Next, you have to apply for a Labor Certificate by filing an application (LCA). File on time once you get approved LCA because there is a cap; a limited number of H1B visas issued per year, only 60,000 and additionally 20,000 visas if you have a master’s degree from the U.S. University.

To put it in perspective, this year around 230,000 applicants has applied for H1-B visa. Since 80,000 H1-B visas are processed each year, only a few applicants can get in. Once the cap is reached, the USCIS does the lottery. This process is a random selection by a computer program. So, there is really no guarantee that you will get your H1-B visa.

Therefore, the alternative may be L-1 visa as long as you have been an employer by the overseas company who is doing business in the USA. This company must be opening office or affiliate in the USA, and you must be working for them for at least one year in the preceding three years. With intracompany transferee, you don’t have to have American degree or the equivalent, but you must possess a special knowledge that must be proved by strong evidence.

There is a maximum of seven years with L1-B visa, no extensions. H1-B visa has three years and you can extend for another three years. The maximum is six years for the H1-B visa. On a happier note, you can jump from H1B to a green card, and you can jump from L1-B to a green card as well.


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