E2 work visa vs L1B intracompany transferee visa

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E2 work visa vs L1B intracompany transferee visa

In this article we are going to talk about the differences between E2 essential employee visa and L-intra-company transferee visa. In general, with E2 visa your employer must be in the U.S. under E-2 Investor visa status in the time of applying for your employment visa. While with L visa you’re your employer must be opening an affiliate in the USA.

For L visa, you have two options. As a manager or executive you can apply for L-1A Manager visa, or you may send one of your employees to the USA under L1-B visa category as long as this person meets the following requirements:

  1. Works for the mother company overseas for at least one year in the preceding three years;
  2. Has a valid expertise that will add a necessary value in the U.S. affiliate.

If you coming to the USA under E2 visa, your employee can join you and doesn’t have to prove to be employed for over one year in preceding three years. However, he must show that holds an essential knowledge for the operation of your U.S. business.  From our experience, E-2 essential visa is less restrictive than L1-B visa.

People often ask whether there is a way to jump from E2 to a green card. If you are E2 investor and you want to jump to green card there is no direct way, however if your business is successful eventually it will be able to invest either $500K or $1M and obtain a EB-5 Green Card. Please click here to read more about EB-5 Visa Fundamentals.


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