Full-time Employee or Contractor Before Applying for E-2 Visa?

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Full-time Contractor vs. Freelancer?

It really depends on the circumstances that are being faced. Sometimes the company is at such a stage of development that full-time employment is necessary. However, hiring a freelancer/contractor is a great way to save some time and money. You may consider hiring a local contractor/subcontractor. You have to remember that while  you are in the process of investing, you are not allow to work in the U.S. Therefore you should hire a person who will manage daily tasks in order to grow your business. Once you get your E-2 visa, you are eligible to work in the U.S. and manage your business including day to day activities.

What do you need in order to hire a contractor?

1.     Check the Contractor’s Portfolio/Website/Background.

You may want to visit several freelancing websites like www.elance.comwww.freelancer.comwww.guru.com  and search for online contractors.

2.     Negotiate a reasonable price and set milestones.

3.     Check the references.

4.     Set deadlines.

5.     Sign a contract with your Contractor and make sure to exclude yourself from the liability.

6.     Contractors are using 1099 Forms for tax purposes and the way you distinguish contractor from employee is by a) existing contract b) the amount of control your contractor exercises.

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