What Are The Requirements for L1-A Manager Visa?

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Main Requirements of L1A Manager Visa.

An L1-A Visa is made for both managers and executives of multinational companies.

It is important to note that the L1-A visa is a dual intent visa, unlike other visas. Here there is no restriction of working only in the U.S. That is to say, while you must work part-time as an executive in the United States to obtain this L1A, you can freely travel outside the U.S. anytime you need.

Requirements of L1A Visa?

* You must act in a Executive/Managerial/Supervisor capacity.

* You must be seeking only temporary work status, although L1A is a dual intent visa and allows you to apply later for a Green Card.

* Within the past three years, you must have worked for period of 1 year in the parent company.

* You must act as the manager over a subdivision, department, or the entire organization.

How to Apply for L1A Visa?

You must first submit a petition with USCIS on Form I-129 in order to apply for L1A visa. In addition to this, you must have a documentation that proves the requirements above. If already living in the United States, you can request that your status be changed. Spouses and dependent children can apply and may be awarded L-2 visas if the L1-A visa is approved.

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