How to Apply for E-2 Investor Visa Using Real Estate Investment?

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Active Real Estate Investment.

E-2 visa service was initiated by the government for encouraging foreign investments. E-2 investors visa is beneficial because there is no need to obtain the approval of USCIS (U.S. citizenship and immigration services).  Investors can simply contact the U.S. Embassy in their country and initiate the application process. You can renew your visa as long as your investment is up and running.

Before applying for E-2 investor visa using real estate investment you need to fulfill certain criteria and make few preparations beforehand. Provided below is a list of necessary step that you need to take care of before applying. Make sure that you belong to one of the treaty country.

–   Register your company in the U.S.

–   Open up a corporate bank account.

–   Wire-transfer the funds from your native country to your U.S. bank account.

–   Lease an office space.

–   Hire people if required

–   Apply for your E-2 Investor visa from abroad or in the U.S. by changing the status.

Another important requirement is that your business must be ACTIVE and REAL. This is a critical aspect that creates confusion when you apply for E-2 visa via Real Estate Investment. Therefore, you must be properly informed about all the essential requisites before you plan to apply for this visa.

Does real estate investment meet the requirements?

1)   Investment must be an ACTIVE investment that is to say the investor must be actively involved in the business. For example, if the investor purchased the commercial real estate property and offers seasonal rentals, he is actively involved with the business and he meets this requirement.

2)   Investor must prove that way his business will benefit U.S. economy. He could, for example, buy the property, renovate and then sell it. This way he is involved actively, and he is adding value to the economy since he must hire people who will be involved in the process of renovating and selling.

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