How to Apply for EB5 Green Card through Regional Center?

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Regional Center and its benefits.

In our last post, we offered you some tips how to choose the Regional Center for your EB – 5 investment. So if you have finally decided which center and project fit your needs the best, here’s what you need to do in order to obtain your permanent green card through investment. The whole process usually takes three to five years and has two steps.

Process of EB5 Visa Application.

Before you can participate in a Regional Center’s EB – 5 investment program, you must file a petition along with the supporting documentation to the USCIS. You have to prove that you and your investment satisfy all visa requirements mentioned in our previous blogs. To recap, it means that the investment will create, or otherwise preserve, the required ten full-time jobs; that the investment is at-risk; that your investment capital comes from a lawful source of funds; and that you will be involved in the management of a for-profit enterprise either through daily management activities or through policy formulation.

USCIS will fully examine your application so be prepared for a full background check, including detailed review of the sources of your and your family history. Based on your application, evidence and all gathered information, USCIS determines whether you qualify for the EB-5 visa.

If your application is approved, you and your dependents will be granted conditional green card, which is valid for two years. Since it’s only conditional, don’t forget that within the 90-day period before its expiration you must submit new petition to the USCIS to remove the conditions of your green card. The main purpose of this petition is to show to the USCIS that the required investment has been made, minimum ten full-time jobs have been created or otherwise preserved, and your investment benefitted the US economy during the two-year period. Upon approval of this petition, you and your dependents will receive indefinite permanent resident status in the U.S and you can freely enjoy all benefits connected with it.  What is more, you have a possibility to apply for U.S. citizenship within 90 days of the five-year anniversary of the initial grant of your permanent residency.

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