How to Choose the Right EB5 Visa Attorney?

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Tips for Choosing the Right EB5 Visa Attorney.

If you are interested in getting an EB5 visa, one thing that you might want to do is to consult with EB5 attorney. Here are a few tips that you can use to find the right attorney for you.

Find one who knows immigration business law.

You should choose an attorney who has knowledge and understanding of immigration business law. You don’t want to choose an attorney who is just a general law practitioner, because they may not have the knowledge and experience that you need.  

Find one that has experience preparing EB5 visas.

When you are choosing an attorney, find one who has experience with EB5 visas.  The person should have filed many EB5 visas.  Such attorney should have an experience with the process of EB5 petitions, issues that the government is raising, and how an EB5 petition should be successfully prepared. Ask the attorney how many petitions he has filed and the success rate.

Make a list of possible attorneys.

After you have performed your research on the different attorneys in your area, make a short list of the ones that you are interested in.

Ask for the references and contact them.

Once they have given you the names with contact information, get in touch with them. Ask about their professionalism, their demeanor, whether or not they were successful with the visa application, etc. Ask them anything that you are concerned about.

Read reviews online.

After you have contacted references from the attorney, you will also want to read reviews online. Chances are that they will give you the names and numbers of people who were happy with their services, so you want to get some unbiased opinions about the attorney as well. This can be done through reading the reviews of the law office online.

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