How to Extend Your Visa?

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Learn how to keep your visa legal by extending your status.

Congratulations! So you’ve finally got your L1 or E-1/E- 2 visa. Don’t forget that your status is not definitive and you should think also about time limitations. The maximum period of stay for each visa type differs and in case of E-1 / E-2 prolonging process is much more flexible than the one for an L1.

If you are an E-1 or E-2 status holder, you are allowed to stay in the United States for up to two years. USCIS can extend your stay for increments up to two years and there is no time limit on how many times they can lengthen your stay. That means you can legally remain in the USA on E-1 and E-2 status indefinitely.

In contrast, the time limitation for L1 visas works differently and maximum period of stay isn’t the same for both types of L1 visas. L1 – A visas for executive and managers are granted initially for one year in case of a new company in the USA and for three years given that company has been engaged in business more than one year. Extensions are usually granted for two years but overall, the total stay cannot exceed seven years. On the other hand, L1 – B visas for employees with special knowledge are issued initially for three years and can be extended only for two years because the maximum period of stay is five years. After the expiration of the seven or five years respectively, you qualify for L-1 status  by working abroad for at least one year for the parent, subsidiary, affiliate or branch office of the U.S. company.

What documents need to be submitted when applying for E-1/E-2 visas extension?

–  Form I-129,
–  Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, along with E supplement,
–  Form I-539
–  A copy of your Form I-94 Arrival-Departure document
–  A copy of original Form I-797, Notice of Action, if your status was previously approved or extended in the U.S.
–  A copy of your complete passport including the E-1 visa
–  A letter from your employer stating that your extension is required
–  A copy of your personal and U.S. business income tax returns for the past two years, including payroll tax returns

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What documents need to be submitted when applying for L1 visas extension?

–  Form I-129 along with L supplement
–  Evidence that you have been legally employed by the U.S.company since arriving to the United States
–  If you are professional with specialized knowledge, evidence of your U.S. degree or foreign degree equivalent to U.S. degree
–  A letter from your home employer with details about dates of employment, job duties, qualification, salary and dates of employment for three years, prior to your admission in the USA
–  Support letter from U.S. company  that includes description of your current job duties, work schedule, salary, description of the current relationship between U.S. employer and foreign employer
–  A statement that the employer continue to be a qualifying organization and that it continues to do business in the USA and abroad

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