How to File For L Visa?

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How to File For L Visa?

Before you actually file for an L visa, you will have to know what you are getting yourself into and what you need to do in order to succeed. The L-1A visa gives an employee the ability to transfer to the US through his/her company. However, this is only possible if the company operates internationally and only if it has a subsidiary or branch in the United States. It is worth noting that the visa is highly sought after, which is makes it more important for you to be accurate and honest while filing for the L-1A visa.

Understanding the Forms Required for the L-1A Visa

The primary document required to file for the L-1A visa is the I-129 form. You need to keep in mind that this form can only be filled by your employer. The form will contain information about the employee and the company. The form will need to be completed using a very precise set of instructions provided by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). Each and every field will need to be printed or typed in black or blue ink. Additionally, your employer will need to provide an elaborate response for each section. It is possible that a certain sections will have nothing to do with the individual, which is why your employer will have to write “N/A” in those particular fields.  A box cannot be left blank as a response is essentially still required.

Where to File for the Visa?

The L-1A visa can easily be filed in either of the two processing centers located in California and Vermont. But you can go through the entire process online as well, since it is easier in comparison. But you also do have the option to file a physical copy on the addresses found in the I-129 form itself. A majority of applications require a payment of $325 in the form of an application fee along with another $500 for ‘fraud detection’. You can make the necessary payments through money order or check but you have to keep in mind it is non-refundable.

When Can You File for the Visa?

As soon as your services are required in the US, you will need to apply for the L-1A visa right away. You should apply at least 45 days before the actual employment. It is also important for you to understand that you need to be thorough and information fraud is punishable by law.

What to Expect from the Application?

The information being asked for in the I-129 form is straightforward. It is not as complicated as it may seem and in fact only deals with information relevant to the employee’s qualifications, work and residence history. Furthermore, you will have to fit a predefined category illustrating the importance of your employment in the U.S for your company.

Keeping these factors in mind, you will find it easier to apply for an L-1A visa. However, if you are still having difficulties, there is no harm in asking for help or by seeking professional assistance.

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