How to Get a Green Card via Employment?

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Although the diversity visa is the most popular means of attaining American citizenship, it is possible to obtain a green card via employment. To qualify for an immigrant visa via employment, you must be either a professional, skilled worker or other worker.

Eb1 Green Card Category.

If you are a professional you must be in possession of a bachelor degree or its foreign equivalent. This cannot be substituted with experience and education. You also must be working in a field where there are no qualified workers in the United States and have subsequent labor certification as well as job offer for a permanent job.

Skilled workers who would like to be considered for the employment based immigration to the U.S. need to have two years of training or experience. It is also mandatory to demonstrate that there are no workers available for the job in the United States, have a full time job offer and a labor certification. On the other hand, unskilled workers must be engaged in unskilled labor that requires less than 2 years of experience or training at the time of application. Most importantly, this must not be a seasonal or temporary engagement. The field must also be one where there are not enough workers within the United States. Applicants must also have labor certification and a full time job offer.

To apply for a green card via employment, your employer, also referred to as petitioner, is required to file Form I-140 for Alien worker where they must demonstrate the ability to pay the wage offered to you for the visa priority date. This is backed up by attachments of federal income tax return, annual report and audited financial statement. Spouses of the applicants may be admitted as they have the discretion to file the Employment Authorization Document. Children too may be admitted as Child of a skilled worker or profession or child of an other worker.

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