How to Get EB-1 Green Card for Managers and Executives?

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The Best Green Card for Experienced Managerial Professionals.

If you are already familiar with who can get a green card via employment, you may have already noted the five main categories of green cards that can be obtained via employment. The category with the highest preference is the EB-1 category.

* Those who have “extraordinary ability” in selected fields (arts, athletics, business, or science).

* Those who are doing high-level academic work such as researchers and certain professors are also considered outstanding.

* Multinational managers and executives.

The EB-1 Green Card is a particularly attractive option since it does not involve the PERM Labor Certification that is required for the EB-2 category for professionals with an advanced degree or “exceptional ability” and for the EB-3 category for other professionals and skilled workers.

Which Managers and Executives are eligible?

* Applicants need a sponsoring company that will fill out the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker explicitly detailing the job offer.

* They must have a minimum of one year holding a managerial or executive experience with the sponsoring company outside of U.S.

* EB-1 applicants need to have been employed during the last three years.

* This applicant must be coming to the U.S. to fill a managerial or executive position.

What steps do I take next?

Once you meet these requirements you can begin the multiple-step process toward applying for EB-1.

You can find the detailed steps here, but as an overview, these steps will begin with your employer determining your eligibility, then approval from the United States Citizen and Immigration Services, after that the processing at the U.S. Consulate if you live outside the US,  and finally, the sponsorship from the employer throughout the duration of your petition.

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