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There are so many people who have big dreams and great ideas but when it comes to monetizing them they get stuck. Here are some insights on how you can monetize those ideas.

Don’t mind if you make mistakes just go and do it because that’s the only way how to move forward, otherwise; you’ll just keep dreaming. If you’re a big dreamer, get up and let’s make it happen.


Have the right mindset. You are going to be challenged and you need to sustain your drive. Embrace the challenge and embrace the failure in order to carry on to your destination.


Define your purpose or idea. As an example, when I started my company I had the idea to help other immigrants. Later on, I realized I actually want to help immigrant entrepreneurs because I, myself, was an immigrant entrepreneur. I was facing similar challenges and I could relate to these people.


You must be very clear on who do you want to serve because you need to eliminate the competition. The fastest and easiest way to eliminate this is to stand out by being you.

You are original. You are special and there is no one else like you. You have a certain skill set that no one else has. You can perfectly define people you want to attract into your business as ideal clients.


Define how do you want to feel on the energetic level when you interact with these people. When you define how you want to feel, that is the fastest way to attract ideal clients into your life.

If you believe in laws of attraction or the law of vibration in the other universal laws, you know that you attract by the feeling that you sent out. Feelings are stronger, more potent energy. Be clear on how you want to feel if you want to work for a particular group of people.


Don’t be afraid to be very specific because if you are not, you’re going to attract people who are not resonating with you and you’re just going to be frustrated.

Energetically, align with the clients that you want to attract. Define what do you want to feel, how do you want to communicate with them, and what kind of interaction you want to have with them.

You also want to define your ideal client avatar on a paper such as their AGE, LOCATION, INTERESTS, and PROBLEMS. Once those are in place,

  • Find out where they hang out or what social media platforms do they use then start engaging with them in a nice friendly way.
  • Engage vibrationally. This might sound a little crazy but what I mean is to start communicating from a place that THIS person is already my client and start feeling to it. You can invite them to jump on a quick call with you and see if you can help them. If you feel the resonance in your heart, that is a perfect sign that you are aligned and you will create the results you’re looking for together.


Don’t say YES to people you actually feel to say NO. Mistakes like this would turn out negative in the long run. It’s not worth your time. Absolutely TRUST YOUR GUT in the process.


When I say organically, I mean you don’t pay for any ads. You go out there and you validate your own idea. Connect with people who are like you by joining meetup groups or connect with them online.

Connect with them on the HEART level. Don’t just solicit or send all kinds of spam messages. You will never close someone if there is no hard connection.


Once you connected with these people on social media, ask them what problems they’re facing and then, OFFER THE SOLUTION TO THEIR PROBLEM. Craft the resonating offer to these people. You need to offer your service or your product and see what’s the reaction.


It’s okay to get negative feedback. Just accept it then you change something and you go out there and do it again.

When you reach a point where you actually about to close this person, they’re going to give you their credit card information and that’s the confirmation that you just validate your idea.


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