How to Move to the U.S. With Ease?

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Move to the U.S. with ease.

Any move can be devastating for your family, especially children. The thought of leaving their family and friends behind to live in a place that is unknown can be very scary. As you consider the visa programs out there, you must also take into account the needs of your family members when deciding to move. 

In general, the visa process takes a long time. From the time you began talking to your family members about the visa process, to the time when you actually receive the visa, months may have gone by. Their initial excitement over the possibility of moving to the U.S. could have faded or become a distant memory. To help alleviate some of the shock of picking up and moving to another country, follow these few pointers to ease your family through the process.

1)   Keep your family updated on the process or develop a move date calendar.

It is important that your family is kept abreast of the visa process, so they are not hit with the sudden news that the visa was approved and they have to move. By keeping them involved throughout the process, you allow them time to process the information and begin to understand that they will be moving in the near future. A good suggestion is to make a move date calendar for your family. Although the process can be uncertain to an exact date, by having a tentative date in mind, you family can prepare to say their goodbyes, begin packing and handle other small checklist items in preparation for your move.

2)   Explore the U.S. culture in your home country.

Moving to any country can be difficult, especially if it is your first time there. To help with the culture shock, try exposing your family to different aspects of American culture. This can be achieved through watching television programs, looking at pictures of the area in which you will be moving, visiting American restaurants that may be in your area or allowing your children to write to a pen-pal that lives in the states. These small things will give your family a glimpse of American life and help them feel more confident in the ability to “fit in” with the American culture.

Another great idea is to set up a clock within your home that is set to the time zone that is in America. This will help you learn to adjust to the time change and plan out when you can call and connect with family back home.

3)   Have opportunity to say goodbye.

Whether it is with a small leaving party or a final dinner at your favorite restaurant, it is extremely important that your family has the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends and family. At this gathering, it may be a good idea to talk to your friends/family about your new location, showing pictures and providing them with contact information. Your family can always keep in touch with social media through Facebook, Instragram and/or Skype.

In all, the most important thing is reassuring your family that the move would be a positive experience. The more opportunity you have to prepare and familiarize yourself with the area in which you will be moving, the better your family will feel throughout the process.

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Author: Maurica John

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