How to ROCK Your L1 Visa Interview?

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How to succeed at your Visa Interview?

L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows companies operating both in the U.S. and abroad to transfer certain classes of employee from its foreign operations to its business in the U.S. If your employer effectively filed for L1 visa, the next step in a process is your interview. It can have a great positive impact on visa grant decision, so here are some tips how to succeed in this very important part of your journey to L1 visa.

1. Be on time

The interview will be in person, conducted by consular officer at the Embassy. You can schedule the interview up to 90 days prior planned start of your employment. Make sure that you paid a fee and on the day of interview arrive approximately 15 minutes in advance.

2. Be prepared

Questions that you will be asked to answer are not tricky or difficult ones, if you are prepared for them. Therefore, be sure to be familiar with the documents that you submitted and don’t forget to take them with you to the interview. We suggest going through documents in advance several times in order to understand them thoroughly and avoid inconsistency.

3. Be honest

Answering “No” doesn’t necessarily go against your case, so don’t be afraid to answer truthfully. Usually, consular officer starts with general questions like how are you or have you ever been to the U.S. Then he/she usually proceed to the questions about your current work, your roles, responsibilities and experience. The rest of your interview will be about character of your proposed work in the U.S. Be prepared to explain why you are eligible for L1 visa and what kind of special skills or knowledge you have. Whatever answers you will give, you have to be prepared to justify them and provide further explanation, if requested.

4. Be communicative (in so far as it’s needed)

Poor communication is the number one reason that can affect your case in a negative way. On the other hand, speak only when you asked, keep your answers brief and to the point. Don’t try to over smart your answers and don’t give more details than it’s needed. Never argue with consular officer, always deal in polite manner. Remember, you are the one being interviewed and not the other way around.

5. Be relaxed

Being confident can bring positive results, so don’t be nervous and tensed. Control your body language and maintain the eye contact with the consular officer. Try to smile and be positive. It’s important, because officer has to rely only on information provided by you, so his judgment is highly influenced by the way you react to questions, your body language, the authenticity of you answers and overall impression.

Interview can be stressful experience, but with our help you don’t need to worry about it. If you need help with preparation contact us at immigartionbiz.com.

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