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What are O Visas?

O visa is a non-immigrant visa category for people with extraordinary abilities in the following areas:

  1. Athletes O1-A
  2. Entertainers O-1B
  3. Artists O1-B

Chefs, circuit performances, models, musicians, dancers, physicists, academics, etc. (and their spouses O-2) can apply as long as they prove their area of expertise.

What are the general O-Visa requirements?

  1. Contract; either written contract or oral agreement by stating the terms of agreement;
  2. Itinerary if applicable, most of the time it is required;
  3. Advisory opinions – from Labor Organizations, Management Organizations;
  4. Evidence; nationally or internationally recognized price, awards, membership in organizations, press, published articles, authorship of scholarly articles, participation as a judge, or panel, high salary, testimonials and letter of recommendations.

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