How to Get Work Employment Authorization for Your Spouse?

How to Get Work Employment Authorization for Your Spouse? A majority of visa programs allow your dependents to move to the US as well. Visas like the H1B, L1 and the E2 give you the opportunity [...]


Benefits of Obtaining EB-5 Green Card?

The Main Benefits of EB5 Green Card via Investment. There is an old mantra that goes, “What’s in it for me?” A simple question that is asked, as we make decisions on a day to day basis. As you [...]


What Can Disqualify Me From Getting Investor Visa?

What can disqualify me from getting E-2 Investor Visa? The long road traveled to obtaining a visa is completed by many, but denied by some. In the latter circumstance, there may be significant [...]


How Much Should I Invest in the EB-5 Program?

What is the minimal investment when applying for EB5 green card? As you may read from our previous blog posts, investing in the EB-5 program requires putting thought into not only the type of [...]


How Safe Is EB-5 Regional Center Program?

Benefits of EB5 Regional Center Program. Imagine walking onto a car lot showcasing hundreds of used vehicles. The used car salesmen walks up to you and asks you what type of vehicle you are [...]


Passive or Active EB-5 Investment?

Difference between passive and active EB5 investment. EB-5 visa allows immigrants seeking to enter the U.S. to engage in a commercial enterprise that will benefit the U.S. economy by substantial [...]


How to Prove Your Legal Source of Funds for EB-5 Investment?

Legal Source of Your EB5 Investment. The Immigrant Investor Program, also known as “EB-5,” was created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital [...]


What Is The Supporting Documentation for EB -5 Visa?

What is the required documentation for EB5 Visa Petition? Last time we guided you throughout the whole application process for a green card through the EB-5 investment. Now, let’s take a closer [...]


How to Apply for EB5 Green Card through Regional Center?

Regional Center and its benefits. In our last post, we offered you some tips how to choose the Regional Center for your EB – 5 investment. So if you have finally decided which center and project [...]


Immigration Biz story

Immigration Biz is an international law firm providing various business immigration and visa solutions to foreign Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Investors expanding to the U.S. market. Here is our [...]