E-2 Investor Visa to the USA

This is a temporary Visa for individuals that are coming to the U.S. to oversee and manage an active business in which they have invested a significant amount of money. E-2 Visa is dependent on whether the candidate has invested substantially in a business in the U.S., prior to their application for the E2 Visa or not. The business in question must be fully functional or active. Note that investing in stocks or bonds does not require the investor’s presence. Such investments are considered speculative and are, consequently, not regarded as a basis for an E-2 Visa consideration. The Visa requirements specify that candidates must be involved in a fully functional entrepreneurial or commercial enterprise.

It is required that an applicant possesses at least 10% shares in the business enterprise and exercise a significant control over the business. This business should have a significant amount of trade with the U.S. The candidate must prove that he or she is capable of generating more income than minimal living costs and expenses in the U.S.  The applicant must show financial authorization and control in his business dealings and should, therefore, be an active component in the business venture. Securing loans with the properties of your investment enterprise will not be allowed.  It is suggested that your capital investment should exceed a minimum of $50,000. Therefore, the investment should not be marginal but substantial and of interest to the American economy.

How to apply for E-2 Investor Visa to the USA?

It is estimated that it takes 3 to 5 months to process the application for the E-2 Investment Visa in the U.S., but it may take only 2 weeks if you are applying from your home country at the U.S. Embassy. However, you can use premium processing to receive a decision from the USCIS within 3 weeks. Be aware that during this process, any wilful misrepresentation or fraudulent behavior may result in the permanent refusal of the Visa.

The steps involved in applying for an E-2 Visa are as follows:

  • Check out the website of the United States Embassy or Consulate in the country you are applying form.
  • Complete the online Non-immigrant Visa Application, *Form DS-160, upload a photo and print the application form.
  • Schedule an appointment for your Visa interview, at the U.S. Embassy.
  • Collect the required documents including:
    • Passport
    • Non-immigrant Visa application
    • The DS-160 form
    • The application fee payment receipt
    • Photo
    • Non-immigrant Treaty Investor/ Treaty Trader Application
    • The DS-156E form

Please ensure that you have all other relevant documents like academic certificates, marriage and birth certificates, etc. Prepare the documents that identify your company’s nationality of a Treaty country and financial documents that prove or identify the requirements of your company’s trade/business.

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The L1A visa is a perfect solution for multinational managers or the individuals with significant control in the company. The L1B, in comparison, allows employees with specialized knowledge to be transferred from the home country to the U.S. affiliate for a temporary work.

It is important to note that L1-A visa is a dual intent visa, unlike other visas. You also do not have to work only in the U.S. That is to say, while you must work part-time as an executive in the United States to obtain this L1A, you can cross the border to work outside the U.S. as well.


E-2 Visa to the USA

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