What Can Disqualify Me From Getting Investor Visa?

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What can disqualify me from getting E-2 Investor Visa?

The long road traveled to obtaining a visa is completed by many, but denied by some. In the latter circumstance, there may be significant factors that attribute to the denial of a visa within the U.S. After embarking on this long journey, the last thing that anyone wants is to be face to face with a rejection. For this reason, an overview of major causes of visa denials will be discussed. Pay attention to the small details that could save you not only time, but money throughout this process.

Know the type of visa you need to apply for and the fees associated with it.

There are many nonimmigrant visa types for those individuals seeking a visa in the U.S. It is imperative that you understand the type of visa you qualify for, before starting the application process, as each has its own set of requirements. For a list of nonimmigrant visa types, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/general/all-visa-categories.html. Fees are non-refundable for any reason, even for withdrawn applications and are requested again in the event that you must resubmit your application. Fees can range from $300 USD to $1000 USD or more depending on the type of visa you apply for. In addition, there may be opportunities for you to receive a waiver in the event you do not met the financial obligations for obtaining a visa.

Understand the requirements to obtain the visa.

Nonimmigrant visa application forms can be found online through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website (USCIS). All forms come with a checklist and special instructions that help guide you as you fill out the application. Be sure to use the checklist and follow the guidelines each time. Even if you’ve done the application process before, the forms are always being updated and certain circumstances may apply the next time around that did not apply when you originally completed the form.

Click here to learn more about E-2 Visa requirements. 

Research any areas that may hurt your application.

Everything will be reviewed with a microscopic lens throughout this process. Make sure to be truthful on your applications and submit any and all documentation that is needed to obtain the visa. Omitting certain information may hurt your changes of ever obtaining a visa within the U.S. The reviewer will be fact checking the information and it may raise red flags if the information is not consistent. A list of ineligibilities for obtaining a visa can be found at: http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/general/ineligibilities.html . Major barriers to obtaining a nonimmigrant visa in the U.S. include:

1)      Criminal charges that have not been pardon by a judge or authorities

2)      Persons with communicable diseases of public significance

3)      Persons who cannot demonstrate financial support from their home country

4)      Persons who are deemed high security risks for the U.S.

5)      Persons who entered the U.S. illegally

Prepare proper and thorough documentation supporting your need for the visa.

It is important to follow the government forms to a tee. If the form calls for black ink, use black ink. Millions of applications are reviewed each year. Do not give the reviewer any opportunity to deny your application. If it says print, then print. If it says black ink, then use black ink. If it says jump three times, then spin and touch your toes… well, you get the point. Following the specific instructions is vitally important to the success of your application and leads me to my last point.

Submit the documentation on the correct form and to the correct place.

Each visa type comes with its own form that must be submitted to the correct department. At times, the form must be sent to specific addresses for specific states throughout the U.S. Pay close attention!

Finally, if you have not already done so triple check your application. As stated earlier, your application fee will not be refunded in the event that proper documentation was not submitted. In some cases, you may be ineligible to appeal your visa decision. So check, check, check the application, and then look it over one last time, for good measure.

If you would like further information regarding nonimmigrant visas, please be sure to check our previous blog posts and other information found on Immigrationbiz.com

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