What Is the Processing Time When Applying For L Visa?

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What Is the Processing Time When Applying For L Visa

Applying for an L visa may seem complicated at first, but it can be acquired as long as you remain honest and precise with the information you provide. Many individuals simply fail to qualify as they do not meet the specified requirements or because they do not keep the processing time in mind to plan their trip accordingly. Everything needs to be in line before you are granted permission to enter the U.S. If you are not sure about what you are getting yourself into, here is everything you need to know about an L visa and its processing time.

Determining Eligibility

The L-1 visa has been divided into two separate categories. The L-1A visa is for executives and managers, and the L-1B is for specialized employees like computer programmers and accountants. In order to actually apply for the L visa, you need to qualify for it first. Almost any individual working for a company or corporation for a minimum of one year as an executive or manager apart from the previous three years is considered eligible for the L-1 Executive visa.

Applying for an L Visa

Once you have qualified, you can apply for an L visa by compiling the required list of documents:

  • You will need to fill a DS-160 visa application form
  • Submit the application with proper identification along with recent photographs
  • A valid passport required for travel to the U.S.
  • An approval notice I-797 form
  • A copy of the I-129 form, which is filled out by your employer. However, it needs to be approved before you can go ahead and submit the documents for further processing.

Processing Time for Visa Application

After gathering the necessary documents, you can either submit them online or send them to the USCIS by mail. Usually after signing the documents, it can take anywhere in between two to four months for your application to be processed. However, L-1 applications supported by an L-1 Blanked approval can take one to three weeks for processing.

That being said, the visa application processing time can at take longer than usual, but you do have the ability to speed up the entire process. This is made possible by the Premium Processing program offered by the USCIS. By paying an additional $1000 via check, the processing time can take no more than 15 days. In case there are any problems, you will be notified right away for further evidence or documents, if the situation demands it.

The L visa lasts up to three years and can then further be extended for an additional two years.  Since it is a work related visa, proper documentation is essential and will guarantee success. But there are times when you might not have the necessary experience to tackle certain requirements or specifications of the L visa. In this case, it would be a good idea to speak to someone who has already been through the process to ensure you do no miss out anything important or make a mistake, which can lead to unnecessary delays or worse, being denied entry into the U.S.

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