What’s the Capital Requirement for EB-5 Investor Visa?

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The general requirement for EB-5 Investor Visa (commonly refer to as a Green Card via Investment) is $ 1 million.  However, there are exceptions for example an investment of $ 500K maybe sufficient to meet the requirement if directed into targeted or rural areas. 

What does it mean by targeted area of investment? Targeted area is an area experiencing high unemployment rate. Rural areas usually fall in this category because they are far away from the economic hustle bustle of a metropolitan city.

What does the capital mean?

  • Cash;
  • Tangible property;
  • Inventory and equipment;
  • Debt secured by the assets of the foreign investor;
  • All assets must be acquired by the lawful means.

General requirements for EB-5 Green Card are:

Investment into a new commercial enterprise.Commercial enterprise may be a partnership, a joint venture or a corporation. Commercial investment should not be a passive investment into a residential property owned by the investor.

Read more about EB-5 here

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