Who We Work With

we work with:

Ambitious Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs who are ready to expand to the U.S. and create a million-dollar brand!
Aspiring Entrepreneurs who are ready to start a business in the USA, invest and apply for E2 Visa!
7-Figure Business Owners and Investors who wish to apply for a Green Card via Entrepreneurship.
Immigrant Entrepreneurs who ready to scale their business to 7-Figures+ and create a bigger impact!

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Our Mission is to turn your American dream into a reality. Start a profitable business in the USA -> get an E2 Visa -> scale to 7-figures+ and live your dream! 

Meet the Founder

Marieta Oslanec

Marieta Oslanec is a licensed attorney, founder of ImmigrationBiz, 7-Figure business coach, a passionate entrepreneur, and a best-selling author who has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, CBS News 8, Pravda, Radio Express, HeraHerold, and WomanMan, LA Start-up Magazine, EMMA, among others. 

Originally from Slovakia, Marieta moved to the USA in 2007 with $700.
She graduated from the prestigious Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. 

Upon graduation, Marieta relocated to New York, started ImmigrationBiz PLLC, with a focus on working with foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to expand to the U.S. market. Since she helped hundreds of immigrant entrepreneurs move to the US to start profitable companies. Over the years she contributed over $20M to the US economy with her legal and consulting work. 

Marieta’s mission is to bring top entrepreneurs to the US, help them start and grow to 7-figures+ companies that change the world.

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ImmigrationBiz Channel offers useful tips on how to start a business in the USA, apply for an investor visa, scale, and get a Green Card.
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Visa Type: B1/B2 Visa or ESTA
Purpose of the trip: visit the US, travel, and attend a
business meeting, conference or a short workshop
Period of stay: Max. Length of stay in the USA is 6 months
Visa Duration: 5-10 years

Visa type: H1B, L1, E-2, E-1, O-1
Purpose: work in the USA or manage a businessin the USA
Period of stay: 2-7 years
Visa duration: it depends, the length can be anywhere between 2-7 years, E-2 visa can be extended without limitation

Visa type: E-2, E-1, L-1A
Purpose: Do business, manage own company, expand the business to the USA and open an affiliate office
Period of stay: 2 years
Visa duration: 2-5 years with a possibility to extend


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